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Cool Cleveland came to my Artist Talk on May 3, 2024, here are their photos from the Walk Allover Waterloo Event:

or this:

Three Artists Explore Their Friendship & Womanhood at Lorain Gallery


Cool Cleveland article by Anastasia Pantsios- 2020

Fri 2/28 @ 4-7PM

Northeast Ohio artists Gail Crum, Jill Milenski and Gayle Pritchard build their pieces by accumulation and juxtaposition, creating intriguing visual narratives in their mixed-media collages — sometimes sly, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes powerful.

It’s an art of conversation and collaboration that says something really special about the relationships would have. The three work in a studio together, assembling their work from a shared collection of finds, gathered from flea markets, junk shops, friends’ discards and other random places.

The three artists will be featured in a show called, appropriately “Women in Conversation,” opening to Lorain County Community College’s Stocker Arts Center Gallery this week. They describe it as “an intimate look into the world according to women.”

“The idea for Women in Conversation is the natural outgrowth of long-time artist friends who share a love of process and materials,” they say in their artist statement. “The unbroken threads of our decades-long conversations about our lives, politics, women’s issues, art and techniques are woven into the work we present here.”

The trio embraces their womanhood rather than trying to erase it, as women artists were long forced to do.

“Women communicate differently about the gendered dimensions of their place in the world,” they say. “The pieces we make are inspired by our daily lives, the result of the way we skillfully and passionately navigate the multi-faceted roles we play: we are sisters, wives, mothers, aunts, daughters, grandmothers, soulmates, girlfriends, caregivers, teachers, advocates, activists, artists.”

Crum, Milenski and Pritchard will speak at 6:30pm and answer questions at both the opening and closing receptions, as well as during several other scheduled events, taking place Fri 2/28 and Thu 4/2 @ 4-7pm. The gallery is open Monday-Friday @ 10:30am-2:30pm. The show and receptions are free and open to all.

CAN Journal  article on "Women in Conversation" exhibit at Stocker Arts Center-Elyria, OH- 2020- includes virtual tour of exhibit!

CAN Journal  article on "Claiming our Space and Place" at Article Gallery in Cleveland, OH 2018

Lakewood Observer article on "Memories Evoked:  Circling Back Home" at Beck Center in Lakewood, OH  2017

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