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Figurative Work

"My figurative work encompasses all media, from pastel, charcoal, and colored pencil to oil paint. In my portraits, I try to convey the personality of the sitter through setting and props, as well as media choice."


Charlotte-Bower painting for BayArts sho


Private Collection, prints available for $50 11 x 14"


Fantastical Dreams-drawing over fiber 


Private collection, prints available upon request


Spinning-Drawing over collage

Private Collection, prints available for $50 11 x 14"

Charlotte series-Its a Crying Shame.jpg

It's a Crying Shame-Drawing over collage

$150 11 x 14"


Doorways Into the Past- Drawing over collage

$150 11 x 14" $75 16 x 20" print

Charlotte Series-She's a Puzzle.jpg

She's a Puzzlel-Oil pastel over monoprint

SOLD 11 x 14"

Charcoal-Portrati of Dave at 19.JPG

Dave at 21, charcoal



Ballerina in the Wings

Private collection

Nudes-available in shop


Fox in Bath

Private collection


Aaron in Thought-Charcoal  

Private Collection


Charlotte at 9-colored pencil

Private Collection

Nude-Pastel on grey paper-green-back vie

Nude - resting, back view

$250- 18 x 24"

Nude on Dock-Oxbow.jpg

On the pier - Oxbow

$250 - 18 x 24" 

Classic Nude-B&W on gray paper, Side vie
Nude monoprint-Blind contour.JPG

B & W female nude - Paris

$250 - 18 x 24" 

Nude - Oxbow studio

$250 - 18 x 24" 

Nude - Monoprint

$75 - 18 x 24" 

OBerlin-Running Women x 3-pastel-college

Three women running

private collection

Church scene-entire.jpg

Blue & White Nude - Paris

$250 - 18 x 24"

Medieval Sketches - Church Scene, acrylic on sheer linen

Price upon request

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