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Mixed Media

"I am someone who loves art: painting, drawing, fiber, printmaking, bookmaking — every iteration there is, really. But I’ve always struggled with how to combine my other loves, reading and writing, into my artwork.


With this new body of work, I have started to merge these two passions. The Poetry/Quote Series aims to illuminate the beauty and deep meaning of the written word through art.


Slow down, take your time, and really experience the words, the context, and the meaning of these pieces. Resonate with them. They are almost like meditations."

Collage: Poetry/Quote Series-prints and originals available in shop

I Have woven A Parachute (photo).jpg

I have woven a parachute

$40 - 11 x 14" print - $60 14 x 18" print- Original in private collection


I went to the woods

$50 - 11 x 14" print | Original in private collection


Now all my teachers are dead

$100 - 11 x 14" original collage | $40 for 11 x 14" print- $60 14 x 18" print-


Nobody, not even the rain

$100 - 11 x 14" original collage | $40 for 11 x 14" print- $60 14 x 18" print-

I'm Nobody-Emily Dickinson.jpg

I'm nobody, who are you? 

$75 - original collage


It is good to be solitary

$100 - 11 x 14" original collage | $40 for 11 x 14" print- $60 14 x 18" print-


Suck the Marrow out of Life

$100 - 11 x 14" original collage | $40 for 11 x 14" print- $60 14 x 18" print-

Dance First, Think Later

$100 - 11 x 14" original collage | $40 for 11 x 14" print- $60 14 x 18" print-

3D Assemblage: Fairy Tale Series-available in shop

With my fairy tale series of assemblages, I hope to shed light on how the fairy tales of yesteryear can apply to today’s world. If you look at the original version of these tales in the German or French, there was a lot of darkness that has been sanitized for modern readers.

But something shifted between the time that I grew up and the time my children did. The cliché helpless princesses have been transformed by Disney films into enlightened powerful young women. Or they create new tales to fit what today’s young girls will accept. Old tales, such as Rapunzel, have been flipped on their head so that the heroine is no longer a victim.


I applaud these re-writings of classic fairytales. But my work also tries to illuminate the darkness that I see creeping into our world again: school shootings, child abuse, sexism, hopelessness, kids in cages. These are things we had hoped were solidly in the past. These tales originally served as warnings about the dangers of the world: the wolf at the door, the troll under the bridge, the princess in the tower, the sharp object and the briars…these are all warnings of dangers to children. Today’s dangers are found in supposedly ”safe spaces,” in the home, in the church, in the school, in the streets. We are no longer hiding from wild animals in the woods, most likely because we have destroyed those woods and those natural places. It is the human monsters we must fear today.

The language flashcards in many of the works uses a single definition to illuminate the overall message of each piece: "palatable," "unscathed," and "precipitous." Definitions in other languages hint at the original language of some of these tales (the Brothers Grimm/German, Charles Perrault/French) and lend mystery and setting to the pieces.


Hansel & Gretel Series: Pauvre/Poor

$100 - 9 x 7" 





Wolf at the Door

$125 - 9 x 8" 

Unscathed - Copy.JPG


$75 - 16 x 12 x 12" 


Hansel & Gretel Series: Lost in the Woods



Precipitous - Sleeping Beauty

$125 - 11 x 7" 



private collection


Glass Coffin


Little Red Riding Hood - Advanced


More Mixed Media

Immigrant Series-Crossing the Ferry-SOLD

Immigrant Series - Crossing the Ferry

Private collection

Endangered Landscape-SOLD-Mindy Tousley.

Endangered Landscape

Private collection

Prom Night.JPG

Prom Night


ChildhoodGameSeries-B is for Boy.jpg
ChildhoodGameSeries-Wheel of Fortune.JPG

Wheel of Fortune

$125 - 20 x 5.5"

Call of the Road-SOLD Scott Shaw.jpg

Call of the Road

Private collection

Dark Horse Pulls Ahead-SOLD Marnee Rebma

Dark Horse Pulls Ahead

Private collection

Immigrant Series-Civil War Bride.JPG

Immigrant Series: Civil War Bride


B is for Boy


Child's Play.jpg

Child's Play

$75 - 8.5 x 9" 

Immigrant Series-Ireland - Copy.JPG

Immigrant Series: Ireland


An Old-Fashioned Girl.jpg

Pioneer Girl


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