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Artwork in Holiday Shops-December 2021

Every year I have my artwork for sale in local stores. I enjoy being part of the holiday pop-up shops. This year, I am excited to say that I have prints for sale in two local places in the Cleveland area. BayArts Holiday Shop in Bay Village, Ohio. Monday-Friday 9-5 pm, Thurs. til 8 pm, Saturday 10-5, Sunda 12-5. Also Nature's Oasis (a health food store & cafe) also will have my prints (and many other cool local art and crafts). Open everyday

8-6 pm. Stop in and check it out!

This is a tiny piece, 5 x 7" collage on sale at BayArts.

This is a painting made into a 11 x 14" print that I did of a local elementary school that is a 100 years old. It has since been torn down and a new school has been built in it's place. It makes a nice memory for all the former students and for those in the neighborhood who love the beautiful brick building.

This is one of my favorite collages in the Poetry/Collage Series. I love this quote by William Stafford and I feel it speaks to our times, making something good out of everything that has happened in the last few years. 11 x 14" prints for sale.

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